El Vitral Restaurant in San Diego

El Vitral Restaurant
San Diego, CA



El Vitral Restaurant is a culinary dream to people who love Mexican food but want to forego the lard, hormone injected meats and vegetables that have pesticides.  They celebrated their Opening with the "who’s who" in attendance including the Mexican Consulate.  The restaurant is located in the trendy neighborhood of East Village, beside the Padres Ballpark at 815 J Street in the historical Schiefer and Sons landmark building.

It's an upscale Mexican restaurant with a menu made with organic and natural quality ingredients.  They wanted to stay away from the heavy ingredients such as lard that you typically find in Mexican foods.  Their menu incorporates a Healthy and Organic culinary experience that has robust flavors.  It was also important to have an upscale décor to set the tone of a sophisticated ambiance where people can enjoy a variety of tequilas and cocktails with a comfortable lounge.  They offer more than 250 types of tequilas and cocktails are made with fresh squeezed juices such as grapefruit, orange and limes, said Pablo Becker, owner of El Vitral.”

“Being involved with one of the first Mexican restaurant in downtown San Diego with a menu designed to be organic, pesticide free, grass-fed, and no lard was the reason I wanted to be a part of El Vitral. I designed the menu to be simple but upscale, flavorful and healthy.  I’m a native of Tijuana, Mexico and I’m passionate about traditional Mexican flavors and have incorporated only the best organic ingredients into the menu to include mole poblano, ravioles en nogade, and duck enchilada, said Norma Martinez, Chef da Cuisine.


“Our design goal was to capture traditional Mexican décor in an elegant contemporary “stained glass,” so we used elements of colorful glass and mosaic tile that capture the nature light and distributes color throughout the space. Bold splashes of color and rustic metals are displayed using streamlined elements and geometric lines to create a sophisticated, welcoming atmosphere. It was a pleasure working with our client the Becker’s and bringing their vision to reality.”

For more information, visit www.elvitralrestaurant.com