Think of Andre’s and Fun

Think of Andre’s and Fun


Andre’s in the Town & Country Market, (across from Farmer’s Mkt) has delicious tasting platters at such low prices, that it would be almost impossible for a person living alone to eat this well. It’s a Los Angeles landmark cafeteria offering daily specials like baked chicken with pasta or ravioli for $7, add a bowl of soup or a salad, for another dollar and enjoy a fine dinner. Or steamed salmon with rice pilaf and vegetables, $8. It’s $7 for Veal Parmigiana with spaghetti and/or ravioli. The list is long, but now they’ve added Italian panini sandwiches, priced from $3.75 for one with meat balls, or vegetarian and chicken breast from $4.75 to $5.25. Most items can be had as large or smaller portions. And a very big plus is that you can dine on the umbrella’d patio, when the weather permits. There’s also beef or vegetable Lasagna and meat Tortelini. Have a party!

In addition other entrees include small or large orders of shrimp creole with spaghetti and/or ravioli from $4.75 to $9.25. A LA Carte dishes including sausage, meat balls and wonderful soups from $1.50.

Don’t miss the daily specials such as Turkey Cannelloni (Crepes) Lamb Shank with sides, Chicken Parmigiana with sides; also Veal Parmigiana, and Turkey Cannelloni; an extra dollar will can add soup or salad.

Pizza toppings; 10″ are under $10 and large 16″ is from $9 to $14 but you can have the thick crust by the slice for $1.50.

Some toppings are Pepperoni, sausage, meat balls, eggplant, mushrooms, green/red peppers, Jalepeno, Black Olives red onions and garlic.

They make their own Panini oven fresh breads for the sandwiches, which includes chicken breast with provolone, and mozzarella with their famous dressing; also vegetarian and meat balls with cheese. $3.75-$5.25.

Their sauces and dressings; also frozen foods have become a must-have, especially for the kids to take home. And of course there’s domestic and imported beers for $2.50. Don’t miss the cheese bread!

Pasta dishes are served with your choice of meat, marinara, or mushroom sauce.

Whole families come here and love this place. Especially since they added real “Gelato” of every color; just like in Italy. And if you want you may phone them and your order will be ready for pick-up! After dinner you can shop at “Whole Foods, K-Mart, or pick up your prescriptions at CVS, plus the little shops all over the place. It’s a fun area with lots of free parking. Also, the desserts will getcha! “Why cook?” Then, if you still have some energy left after a large meal with the family, cross the street and finish the night off at the Farmers Market.

This is a fun place, like the old fashioned cafeteria’s with extra comfortable booths and tables. The line keeps moving as you tell the people on the otherside what you want. There are three colorful rooms that will certainly bring nostalgia into your thoughts. And everything smells so darn good. Just think of the good old days, these prices, and be happy! There’s also “help-yourself coffee” and other drinks. It’s in an outside mall at 6332 W. 3rd St. L.A; (323) 935‑1246. Open from 11:00am until 8:30pm daily. I always have the chicken!