Mosaic Beverly Hills – a Big Secret

Mosaic Beverly Hills – a Big Secret



Entering the Mosaic Hotel looks and feels similar to visiting someone’s home, very boutique. After walking through the reception area, a snapshot view opens to the dining room and intimate bar, leading to a mosaic wall of candles with a decorative padded and mirrored wall. Beautiful cherry wood tables, (some covered in gold colored cloths) are paired with comfortable padded chairs and banquettes to accommodate the lovely mirrored tall tables used for larger parties. It’s intimate and cozy set on marble floors under recessed checkerboard ceilings. But the focal point is their picturesque pool area, part of the dining scene, with trees, couches, lounges, heaters, and tiny lights. It’s a memorable panorama to sink into, and if there is such a thing as a cozy pool, this is it.

The hotel has the appeal of a romantic hideaway, so un-noticeable that it even eludes people living close-by. It’s snugly niched between structures that make it easy to drive past, probably Beverly Hills’ best-kept affordable secret. I viewed the evening as a brief period of relaxation between LA’s disasters, where you can dine at a candle lighted pool on “global-tinis,” and fine wines, while feasting on worldly flavors. This hotel is also a favorite of business travelers from all over the world because each room is set up with computors and everything needed for any reason. So if you wish to spend the night, it’s location-perfect for Beverly Hills, with business wired cordless speaker phones, and DSL desktop Internet. In addition, the service people are young and energetic with a desire to please.

Some “regulars” enjoy dropping in for a cocktail and light meal at odd late hours to share snacks, such as “Panini’s, Pizza’s and foster farms honey corn dogs. On other evenings it might be their fabulous garlic shrimp, sautéed in Sherry wine, or chicken skewers. Don’t miss their fantastic soups, strictly organic, and non-dairy.

Most diners will surely enjoy the Butternut Squash Bisque as well. During the day one can have an amazing choice of sandwiches and desserts. As Mae West said, “I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it.”



The staff


But if you’re staying at the hotel, be sure to have Mama Rosie’s Breakfast starting at 7:00am-11:00am, offering a continental buffet for about $14. featuring organic fresh fruits & berries, breakfast breads, assorted fruit yogurts, cinnamon spiced granola, imported & domestic cheeses, assorted fruit juices, and regular/decaf coffee. Many early diners enjoy the yogurt dipping sauce with a bowl of fruits, also gravlox & bagel, plus “scrambles,” including one with smoked salmon, chives, mushroom, tomatoes, onion, and lemon caper aioli. There’s also various omelets, pancakes, European French Toast, and Southwestern Breakfast Burrito’s. The classic breakfast of eggs (any way you want them) is available with potatoes, choice of sausage, applewood bacon or Black Forest ham, and other combinations of your fancy.

A section of the menu refers to “small plates. Usually, that means “Tapas,” but know that the kitchen is more than generous in the portions. Some of the items listed are Lamb Lollipops, Mongolian Chicken Quesadilla, along with vegetable Tempura, and many signature items of scallops, calamari, chicken dumplings and the list goes on.

Besides interesting salads in the evening, the entrees are a glorious mix of Prime Beef, Asian BBQ Shrimp, Glazed Chicken, Flat Iron Steak & Fries, and mixtures of shrimp and scallops, prepared Asian style, (Pad Thai). Salmon is a popular entrée at anytime, and a couple of their variations is preparing it “Blackened,” or even “Cherry Crusted!” I really enjoyed my order simply grilled with sauce on the side; it was marvelously embellished.

I believe you can have a Black Angus Burger anytime of the day or evening. The menu is amazing with something for everyone’s taste. My personal opinion is that this place would fit any event, from a tryst to partying with the family, or try a romantic dinner date!

The restaurant at The Mosaic; Just about everything on the menu is $6-$15; Entrée’s $23-26, with dry aged New York Strip Steak about $42. Major credit cards accepted. 125 S. Spalding Dr, Beverly Hills CA; (310) 278-0303. Street & free self-parking in the attached garage; major credit cards acceptable. Select wine list. For more information, visit