India’s Tandoori-Healthy and Delicious

India's Tandoori-Healthy and Delicious
Mid-Wilshire, Los ANgeles


India's Tandoori is family-run, and intimately warm, also friendly; a neighborhood eatery that attracts people from other areas for excellent unique cooking. Indian food is excitingly flavorful, along with being healthy, and no one makes vegetables as delicious as these marvelous chefs. In addition, every item on India's Tandoori's menu is approved by the American Heart Association. All foods skewered in those wonderful clay tandoori ovens are desirable because the chicken, fish, and meats are fired from 500 to 700 degrees, which can cook half a chicken in five minutes while burning off all the fat. However, I always suggest that you tell your waiter if you want your food mild, medium, or "hot to trot."

I've always worried about running out of new things to say when reviewing Indian restaurants, because the menus are so similar and the food is so good. But India is a country of many cuisines divided by states that differ in culture, foods, tastes, colors and textures, with each region adding a piece to the country's Bill of Fare. All menu items at "Tandoori" includes lots of vegetables; with meat, fish, seafood, poultry, and main dishes that revolve around grains and a skillful use of spices.

The "Naan," (bread) is wonderful here, made to order by slapping the dough against the side of the clay oven to bake. Being that it only takes a minute to finish, it's always fresh. I have even had the Naan stuffed with nuts & raisins, but there are dozen varieties, including garlic, spiced mashed potatoes and peas; also, a Northern Indian specialty made with onions. Other varieties include vegetable Naan, and even ground lamb among many others.

I would especially like to tell you about the beauty of this restaurant, because wherever your eyes look, there are interesting pieces of traditional art. For parties, there's a dance floor, along with colorful wall sconses, and magnificent "arty" ceilings with drop lamps. Tables are topped with lovely beige linens next to dark padded chairs over carpeting, and of course, there are flowers!

The restaurant was highly recommended by Elmer Dills; also the LA Times, the Jewish Journal, and it was featured in the Zagat guide. I  have always been impressed with this restaurant and remember reviewing it many years ago at a different location. It's easy to find a reason to dine here, because they have a marvelous buffet every day, priced at $8.95; and on Saturday and Sunday's, you will be amazed with their Champagne Brunch, ($10.95). There's about a dozen items, and it's "all you can eat."

Vegetarian's will find almost two dozen dinners priced from $7.95 to $8.50, and my favorite is on the list. Just give me Bengan Bhartha and Naan for complete happiness. It's fresh Eggplant roasted in the Tandoori oven, then cooked curry style with fresh tomatoes. The combination bargain dinners, mostly $9.95 to 11.95 include about five different dishes; but for $12.95 you will be served about 6-varieties; and $13.95 presents the diner with about ten items. However, for $19.95 it's fish or shrimp Tandoori, fish or shrimp curry, several choices of other items, vegetable-rice, plus three other choice items.

A great consideration from the owners is that they explain each dish, starting with soups; appetizers, seafood, many chicken and lamb entree's and over a dozen curry dishes, mostly from $9.50 to $11.50. Just about everything is served with "sides."

I always look forward to Basmati rice, grown in the foothills

of the Himalayas for the past thousand years, and through an aging

process the moisture is dried out, producing a nutlike flavor. This restaurant has elegant rice preparations, pairing it with shrimp, almonds and herbs; also chicken, lamb or fresh vegetables.

Another choice vegetable was "Zalfrazi, an assortment of vegetables cooked with garlic, onions, tomatoes, lemon, and spices. They also feature deep-fried vegetable balls served in tomato and onion sauce.

We had marvelously prepared entrees of Fish Tandoori, marinated and seasoned to perfection, then cooked in the clay oven; also, Chicken Tikka, beautiful boneless chicken pieces roasted Tandoori style; and a most marvelous tasting Chicken Masala, fantastically sauced.

Mulgatani soup, was terrific, made with lentils & rice. I guess my

favorite dinners are Chicken Tikka, Tandoori style; also shrimp Tandoori or fish and Malai Kofta, (vegetable balls). I love the various dips; along with any of their rice dishes and vegetables. I just noticed something for next time, assorted vegetables cooked with nuts. Try the homemade traditional Indian desserts.

5468 Wilshire Blvd, LA CA; (323) 936-2050. All you can eat lunch buffets, 11:00am-3:00pm; Sat.-Sun champagne brunch from 11:00am-3:00pm. Dinner, from 3:00pm. Catering, take-out and delivery, Major credit cards accepted. Select wine list. It's a Win-Win!. For more information, visit