Eclectic at Electric Karma

Eclectic at Electric Karma – Dining Fun



I dined at a wonderful Indian Restaurant, and when I found out that the owners are family related to "Flavor of India," a favorite of mine, I understood some of the similarities. However, "Electric Karma" thinks outside the box when it comes to décor; starting with a projection taped screen that continuously shows modern "Bollywood." It's fascinating, and covers a wall. This is the first time I can remember seeing beautiful female Indian performers in mini-skirts.

Candles are everywhere, held in mosaic glass containers, and the ceilings are draped in "Sari's," the traditional garment worn by Indian women. It's made of flowing long vivid rectangles of fabric. Besides having a modern bar with wonderful apple martini's, and imaginative dining tables, a connecting area has floor and low seating on large cushions, a'la Moroccan style. In addition, that particular room has a balloon-type oval ceiling that opens to the sky when weather permits. Lots of handsome French glass doors, and beautiful decorator mirrors are arranged to make statements. Something new is being added on Thursday's from 7:00pm-10:00pm! It's Movie Night with special appetizers of Samosa, Cheese Naan, and Mango Chutney, along with Main dishes of Nirvana chicken, Tofu Jalrezzi, and Palak Panner. The dessert will be rice pudding. Another unfamiliar sight in this type of restaurant is the obligatory cushioned couch seen at the entry as in so many "clubutante" hangouts. But with it all, the ambience is subdued, peaceful and intimate where one can take pleasure in a conversation.

Dining in the first diningroom in a leather booth is where the entertaining tapes are a focal point. It's a lovely looking place, with glass topped tables set over creative designs, and the server had as much delight in setting the food on the table as the two of us had in eating it.

We selected several appetizers, followed with more important platters of Nirvana Chicken, (grilled in a coconut masala curry with chili) Karai Lamb, (simmered with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and spices) also Chicken Tikka Masala, prepared boneless in the clay oven. Many folks think of curry as a one-spice taste, but it's a combination of spices, and when mixed properly, it would be difficult to pick out any one of them.

The homemade ice cream was excellent.


Family Feasts is another interesting "special," for a minimum of four people at $29 each. It includes a cocktail, beer, wine or Martini per person, followed with appetizers of Bhel Puri, (puffed rice, potatoes, onions, wafers and crisp noodles) Samosas, (vegetarian turnovers) and Tandoori Chicken salad, (Marinated in yogurt with 17-spices on a bed of lettuce). The entrees are Chicken Tikka Masala, (skinless and boneless, from the clay oven) Tandoori Platter, (assortment of various chicken dishes, lamb, and ground lamb kababs with Nann (fabulous Indian bread) Palak Paneer, (vegetarian/cheese dish) Bhartha, (made with eggplant), Daal, (lentils) and Riata, (yogurt with grated cucumber & onions). Dessert is homemade rice pudding, but they make their own ice-cream as well.

The fresh clay oven's baked Indian breads come in 10-assortments, with favorites of onion, olive, garlic, even stuffed with potatoes or cheese, but my choice was sprinkled with coconut and cherries, $3 to $4.95, for the naan stuffed with ground chicken or lamb.  

Their 5-course lunches range in price from $6.95-$9.95, and include shellfish, fish, chicken or lamb as Main courses, from 11:30am-3:00pm, 7-days. Portions are generous.

Appetizers, Salads & Soups from $3.50, topping off at $11.95 for Tandoori shrimp or salmon salad; 10-chicken dishes, 7-lamb, 9-seafood & fish, $10.95-14.95; six-course combinations for two people, $39-$49. Combinations for one, $14.95-$15.95. Sides; $1.50-$4.95.

If in doubt, try a mixed platter of four-items with naan, ($14.95) or be daring and go for a "Frankie," stuffed with chicken, lamb, or vegetables, (sort of an Indian Burrito). There's lots of terrific meals for vegetarians.

Electric Karma, 8222-1/2 W. Third St., LA, between La Cienega & Crescent Heights; (323) 653-2121. Free delivery within 2-miles, or $2 charge for $20 minimum and longer distance. Major credit cards accepted. Valet service after 6:00pm, or street parking. Outside patio for parties, catering, and 150 guests can be accommodated. Excellent food, take someone special to appreciate your good looks and good taste!

PS All meals are lowfat using Olive Oil and no dairy, except for Korma, Makhni, Riata and Paneer.