One Sunset @ 8730

One Sunset @ 8730
West Hollywood


One Sunset (at 8730 Sunset Blvd.) may well be the hippest, swingingest, tastiest, loveliest appetizer/drink place in town.  Opened just ten months ago, the crowds are pouring into the place to wine and dine. But, beware, my friends, while the dishes are excellent, the prices can sneak up on you mercilessly.

You enter into a large area of low lights, very comfortable chairs and banquettes, one of the largest most beautiful collages graces one wall, lighted flower vases on pedestals adorn the other, a huge bar and an even larger foyer for meeting and greeting complete the picture.  Judging from the assembled crowd on the Wednesday we were there, starlets, junior executives and expensively clad vixens have discovered One Sunset. Incidentally, its name derives from its sister restaurant in New York which is called One Manhattan; nice touch!

Drinkers we aren't; foodies we are!  First up were their popover rolls – quite delicious. Suggestion: easy on these for their food is quite superior – small portions but superior! Let's go there now:

1. Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (16): Four of the most colossal shrimp you'll ever see – cooked to absolute perfection with three sauces. Presentation and taste excellent plus.

2. Hearts of Romaine (11): A masterful blend of crisp, fresh lettuce with sides of corn, avocado, papaya and hearts of palm: a tad expensive but oh, so good!

3. Charcuterie (22): Four thinly sliced meats: ham, aged salami, salami, beef. Served with a roll. Fine meat but nothing special and really unnecessary.

4. Caramelized Osso Bucco lettuce cups (17): a very small but totally yummy portion of heaven in really small lettuce cups. Mucho different from the ones served at P. F. Chang but with a hefty-spicy tang that says "hello" beautifully.

5. Roasted Striped Bass (18): two small pieces of exquisite fish, sitting aboard herb-buttered Kabocha squash with cranberries and garlic. If you love bass, you'll climax on this!

6. Molasses Braised Shortrib "Sopes" (17): two small hunks of seasoned, barbecued shortribs topped with wasabi crème, watermelon radish and glazed baby carrots. Each contribute to make each bite a taste sensation. Executive Chef Christopher Ennis worked overtime  inventing this one!

7. Veal Meatballs (14): Tender, chewy meatballs (5) in a crushed tomato sauce with fresh basil. Not like any meatballs you've ever tasted. At almost three dollars per meatball, 'tis expensive but, once again, memorable.

For the non-appetizer specialists, a one pound New York Striploin with mushrooms and asparagus spears is available. It sounds absolutely wonder-full and will be added  to my selections next time.

They call their dessert menu, "Decadence" and there are five selections – each at nine dollars, each more delicious than the other. We sampled three choices and ordered a dish of ice cream from the fourth: white chocolate chip and the creamiest you will ever taste.

Some further considerations: Do ask for Alexis' table for her service is impeccable; do bring your earplugs for the noise can be deafening; do share for the plates are left in the middle of the table; indulge in their "Indulge" for that sounds very special.  There are thirty items on the menu and you have my special wishes of good luck in your selections. One Sunset is an adventure! And, as always, please do tell 'em Joseph sent you!

One Sunset, 8730 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles CA, 310-657-0111, Open for dinner only @ 5:30 p.m. Dinner for two: $100 w/o alcohol. For more information, please visit