Exciting and imaginative Joan’s

Exciting and imaginative Joan's on Third



When people are depleted of energy they go to "Joan's" for an adrenalin rush. There's always a table, because sidewalk dining is about a half a block long. Or one can sit at the large wooden table indoors if you're alone or even with friends; it's lots of fun meeting new people.

I came for lunch and can't remember ever having such a delightful time. I sat at the special long wooden table and met lots of new people. One of the diners said she felt sort of "down" so came to Joan's for energy.

This place is amazing, and from the time you arrive, you will know what I mean. It's "food from the heart." According to legend, lightening struck the "Agave" plant and revealed the heart, and it's here, somewhere. Also, like the yellow brick road to fantasy land in a mixed bag of whimsy inside, outside or upside down, this place energizes. It's intensely spirited, where you can shop, dine, meet your friends, and people-watch. It's a casual spot representing a melting pot of polka-dots, in an area that has re-invented itself many times. Most would describe "Joan's" as a locale where all sections of life meet with genuine exhilaration. When Tom Cruise came in, they had to call the police because the paparazzi was so thick that people couldn't get in or out.


Everything is packaged like gifts, and each section of the restaurant has marvelous areas which make one want to see everything; like a Rambo invasion of colors and flavors. The gifts are imaginative for corporate and personal giving, lavish and artfully designed to impress, such as "Tower of Homemade Sweets, an assortment of Joan's famous cupcakes, holiday cookies, mini lemon bundt cakes, brownies, cakes, pies and so-on. A popular gift is a selection of eight bar snacks, including Cranberry nut mix, spiced Pistachios, pecans, even peanut butter and jelly nut mix and Almond Brittle. Some reasons could be for a housewarming, new baby, congratulations, new job and a way to say "thank you."

There are more service people than I could count; all in black caps, serving sections of sweets, desserts, entrees, and salads, surrounded in tiers of beautifully wrapped colorful items. This very European café atmosphere puts freshness into familiar dishes, and for some, will resurrect nostalgia.

The different sections include the Bakery; Deli; "Grab & Go; Retail/Grocery; and cheeses from around the world, including the best organic parmigan in LA, aged for 36-months. But the food portions are humongous and I had a Chinese chicken salad that took me two days to finish. Everyone is encouraged to take home whatever portions couldn't be finished, and leftovers are beautifully wrapped and packed in lovely shopping bags.


Joan's has now opened for breakfast, Monday through Friday from 8:00am till 8:00am, priced from $4-$12, mostly under $10. A most ordered item is the New York Breakfast Sandwich with scrambled eggs, bacon & Monterey Jack cheese on toasted country bread, ($9). Signature omelet are featured, along with Chocolate French Toast, Irish Steel cut Oatmeal, and Scottish Smoked Salmon, capers, red onion & cream cheese on a toasted bagel, ($12). On weekends, she's open until 2:00pm. Whether it's lunch or breakfast, I would challenge anyone to open their mouth large enough for the first bite of any sandwich.  Most people usually take the second half home to finish later. That applies to me as well when I had their magnificent Turkey Meatloaf (with chili aioli); another time I chose Turkey Breast, and then noticed someone enjoying a grilled vegetable & goat cheese combination that I'm still thinking about. There's another with garden vegetables, Hummus, Avocado, and the works, but looking around each combination will be remembered for next time. Joan's soups are marvelous, I had mine packed for home. Take-outs, are made to serve 2-3 people for $6 a pint and $11 by the quart. She has every kind of "Smoothie" and Gelato. In addition, there are about 14 varieties of salads, all memorable, but the cookies, cupcakes, (of every frosting) along with unbelievable cakes and pies will really "getcha."

Salads, $8.95-$16; Desserts, $2.25-$6; Sandwiches, $6.75-$12.25.

Local delivery is available with a $20 minimum order. 8350 W. Third St., between La Cienega & Crescent Height; (323) 655-2285 Don't miss it! Full service catering & event planning.

For more information, visit www.joansonthird.com