Swim in a Sea of Enjoyment
The Aqua Supper Cabaret



The Aqua Supper Cabaret – Chef & co-owner, Peter Pocsaji

Confucius said, "the enjoyment of food is one of the beautiful and gentle things that contribute to the peace and harmony of society, "which brings me to my latest dining experience."

The Aqua Supper Cabaret in Beverly Hills is cosmopolitan, stylish, also handsome, and newcomers usually say "Wow" as they enter. It reeks with nostalgia for the Sunset Strip of the 40s, crying out for vintage glamour in this air of sophisticated sensuality. Some might imagine a speak-easy of the 20's, with fabulous libations, excellent dining, dancing; and a spot that deserves to be called one of the hottest places in town. Although it's not overly large the clever design is compact, with lots of room for two spacious bars, a luscious cushy dining room, along with a full stage and dance floor, plus a fabulous lounge. Even the entrance at the bottom of the stairs has surprises, like the waterfall and humongous fish tank, followed by more undersea visuals inside. There are walls of bubbly water tanks, (like champagne) reminding us that the name of this place is Aqua. In addition, the various sections are comfortable for snacking with drinks or dining on an excellent fusion of cuisine. Some might call this particular supper club a revival of class, and as they say when overwhelmed, "VaVaVoom!"

The sidewalk doorway to Aqua sort of blends into the structures along Beverly Drive, and one could easily drive past without seeing it. Although it's part of the Beverly Hills scene, it might as well be on another planet because there's nothing like it around. I'm sure a bunch of cookie-cutters will be popping up shortly.

And kudos to the working owners, three classy gents, Chef and GM Peter Pocsaji, David Ross, and Solomon Moshkovich whose "savoir-faire" trickles down to expertly trained service people who truly enjoy working here.

This is the kind of place that women love, because they now have a place to wear some of those marvelous clothes hanging in the closet. One can dress up or be casual here, so go for it! I was there on a Wednesday night, and entered about 6:30 when it opened. Being alone, I dined and in leaving, thought it would take a can-opener to get through the crowd of "happy to be there folks," It was packed with every age group, without too much wiggle room, and that might be part of the charm. Anyone could feel comfortable having a night here with the girls, (or guys) it's fun, and you might meet your prince or princess!

However, it didn't happen, and I was ready for dinner, starting with their famous crispy Lump Crab Cake, followed with Lobster Chipolte tacos, (small Tacos). I find it hard to pass up "Penne Puttanesca," and you might remember that it's named after the "ladies of the night." All they have to do to the pasta is toss in tomato sauce, garlic, capers, black olives and Anchovies, without further cooking, so they can get back to work quickly.

I also had Alaskan Wild King Salmon, made to perfection, paired to a Ponzu sauce, (Japanese). Other choices were a sautéed chicken served in a Sherry Wine Dijon Mustard with melted Mozzarella for an embellishment. The menu also listed a New York Steak served with mushrooms, onions, and peppers; also Parmesan crusted Rack of Lamb. For those who just want a Burger, it's made with Kobe Beef, prepared with wood smoked bacon, cheese sauce, and Pommes Frites, (French Fries). I thought the menu was deliciously Bistro, having something for everyone, including seared Scallops, with Fava Beans and sweet roasted corn. For those that must have pasta, there was another one on the menu made with seafood, using Linguini, (pasta) in a garlic white wine broth, (good for dieters).

This menu is served until 11:00pm, then changed to 1:00am, priced from $6-$15. 

It was interesting with goat cheese won tons; bamboo chicken skewers; buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dressing; roasted short rib with a potato pancake; assorted fine cheese a'la fresh grapes and dried fruits, and more.

If you are coming in with your X-lover, think of the evening as a good place to put romance back into your relationship. If it doesn't work, at least you will have a terrific meal! Starters; $8-$15. Entrees, $17-34.

424 N. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills; Reservations: (310) 275-8511. Valet, City parking next-door $2, also street parking. Doors open at 6:30pm.