Tam O' Shanter's 85TH Birthday

The life of most restaurants in Southern California is quite brief – a few years at best. When a restaurant celebrates its 85th anniversary, it has to be a most unusual occasion deserving, at least, a four-night celebration.  Such was the case with The Tam O'Shanter Inn and the hundreds of celebrants who came out to dine and hear some history by Richard Frank, Sr. and Junior.

The longevity of the restaurant has outlived the address change at its location on the original Tropical Avenue which became Los Feliz Boulevard. Founded by Lawrence Frank, Richard Sr.'s dad, it opened as a coffee house serving hamburgers and hot dogs under its original name – Montgomery's Country Inn – later changed to the Great Scott (1969-1982) and was renamed The "Tam" twenty-five years ago.

In this establishment, like all their others – Lawry's, Five Crowns, The Carvery – all members of their staff are considered co-workers, including all the Administrators. The Frank family has been known and honored for their continuous charitable contributions, as well as offering the public great quality at reasonable prices.

Prime rib, the staple product of the Frank's chain of restaurants, was introduced at the Tam in 1938. Its success there created the opening of Lawry's on La Cienega. Unlike Lawry's, where prime rib is king, the Tam offers an array of meat, fowl and seafood dishes to tempt anyone's palate.

The guests at the celebration party dined on an array of hors d'oevres, their signature Scotch rarebit; a salad of mixed greens with added dates, goat cheese, blood oranges in a blood orange vinaigrette dressing; a choice of halibut, chicken or prime rib; and a sticky toffee pudding in caramel sauce for dessert. Marvelous!

In their four-page Program, they sum up the Tam O'Shanter as a restaurant that "continues to pride ourselves by delighting our guests in providing a world class dining experience at an exceptional value. We hold dear the same values and principles that were ours 85 years ago!"  There's nothing I appreciate more than truth-in-advertising. And, when you go, please make sure to tell 'em Joseph sent you!

The Tam O'Shanter Inn    2980 Los Feliz Boulevard   Los Angeles, 90039    Tel. 323-664-0228   Dinner for two: Approx. $75 w/o alcohol