Boarding Gate

Boarding Gate: Do Not Enter



The hodge-podge known as Boarding Gate opening at Laemmle's Sunset 5 on March 28 makes one think that director/Writer Olivier Assayas,Cinematographer Yorick Le Saux's , and Asia Argento, its star, were all under the spell of the heroin they were trying to sell. The flow, the continuity, the dialogue and the plot follow no chronological sequences anyone could decipher. Yes, there is action, murder and mayhem as Asia totes her gun around, firing it, never reloading it, always seemingly as accurate as any sharp markswoman can be.

The plot is as ridiculous as the situations our star falls heir to in her escapades between Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Mr. Assayas gives us some great shots of the streets and parks in these places, but his seedy interior scenes of barrooms, restaurant kitchens, fire escapes and warehouses keep the bottom line well in the black. It looks cheap; it feels cheap.

Poor Ms. Argento! She's in and out of the same black dress more times than even she can stand. Granted, she was an ex-prostitute, but no one can enjoy living that way as often as she does. Some of the sexy scenes were done sensitively and believably and her body is quite beautiful.


As her ex-lover, boyfriend and returning flame, Michael Madsen as Miles gets too angry too quickly. His moods would turn anyone off. And their jaunts into sado-masochism appear to be created for the audience's attention and distraction.

There really is not too much reason to heap praise upon or recommend this film for, while it may keep you watching, you'll walk away from it saying, "Wha' hoppen?" The best thing about it is the good title. But where and how that fits into the film remains a mystery!

Boarding Gate opens March 28 @ Laemmle Sunset 5. (It will be gone soon after!)