“Last Stop For Paul” Worth Going Along

“Last Stop For Paul” Worth Going Along




You say you haven't been anywhere?  You say you have that wanderlust feeling?  You say, "I wonder what it would be like to travel around the world?" Tell you what I'm gonna do….I'm gonna recommend you take a trip to

Last Stop For Paul when it opens tomorrow at your favorite movie theater.

Together with Cliff and Charley, you will plane, boat, train and visit some of the most interesting places in our world. They're on a mission to scatter their friend Paul's ashes, because he had never been anywhere while he was alive and they're determined that he will get "around" in death.

You will be entertained with a travelogue, a love story, the possible dangers lurking out there for tourists and some extremely glorious scenery, filmed, produced and directed by the Mandt brothers, Neil and Michael. It carries the title, "Most award winning independent film of 2007" having taken prizes at over 45 film festivals.

It's eighty-eight minutes of a plan and the determination to make the plan succeed. It involves a very clever idea to help afford the hotel room and extra expenses, the container chosen to take Paul along, and two round-trip tickets taking them and you to such places as Jamaica, Chile, France, Japan, Vietnam and, eventually, Thailand where the "Full-Moon" party takes place. What awaits them is jail, robbery, women…lots of women…skiing, a man with no brakes and mucho suspense, comedy and visual enjoyment for you, the viewer!

This is a most daffy, snazzy, kooky movie which will absorb you every moment it's on the screen. Take the trip with Paul to the last stop…..it's worth it!

Last Stop For Paul.   A True Story….Internet Web Series….Documentary….Travelogue….Film….Whatever!

Opens in Los Angeles @ Laemmle Sunset 5 and AMC Broadway 4 in Santa Monica March 7.

For more information, visit www.laststopforpaul.com