11th CineVegas Film Festival Quick Report

CineVegas Film Festival 2009 Wrap-up


In Las Vegas, we just wrapped Dennis Hopper’s 11th Annual CineVegas Film Festival, the ultimate, the alternate and the best partying film festival in the world – the additional must-to-check annual event in Las Vegas for both filmmakers and party goers who likes independent films (in my opinion).

The festival opened with the world premiere of Saint Jones Las Vegas starring Steve Buscemi and Sarah Silverman at Planet Hollywood, and ended with Robin Williams’ World’s Greatest Dad followed by the closing night party at Playboy Club presented by N9NE.

Mostly, this siz-days festival situated in Palms Casino Resort and Brenden Theatres, but the festival takes place at all over Vegas, especially parties!

The festival program was fully scheduled from the morning till the late of the night. The festival pass holders could enjoy at least one party to attend every night – Planet Hollywood, Palazzo, Mandalay Bay, Palms and Playboy Clubs with complimentary drinks and music all night long.

To the filmmakers, I would strongly suggest to submit the films to CineVegas. After working on a film for long time, it would be a great treat for them to enjoy their achievement. In fact, many filmmakers agreed that CineVegas was the best party film festival in the world.

During the festival, the normal schedule is like – arrive at CineVegas Headquarter in the morning to greet with filmmakers, enjoy complimentary food and drinks, watch films, catch some films, attend evening events, watch films, and go party.

It was the synthesis of artistic works and entertainment.

The Festival was just wrapped with the award ceremony followed by Closing Night Party at Playboy Club.

The Partial List of the Award Winners


The Grand Jury Prize – Easier with Pratice (dir. Kyle Patrick Alverez)



The Filmmaker to Watch Award  – Etienne! (dir. Jeff Mizushima)



The Exceptional Artistic Achievement Award – Godspeed (dir. Robert Saitzyk)


* The complete and detail coverage of 11th Annual CineVegas Film Festival is coming soon.

PS. I would only want to complain that we, reporters, could enjoy these events. Since we would have to wake up 8am in the following morning to catch the morning films.

The editor or special guest writer for Entertainment Today.