Oscar Goodies

Oscar Goodies
Everybody Wins at the Oscars!



The stardust and the glitter have been swept away, but the memories linger after this year’s Academy Awards.

Besides a sea of red gowns seen on the red carpet, what really stood out at the Oscars was the international flavor it had. All of the four major acting awards were given to Europeans.

France’s lovely Marion Cotillard won best actress for playing the singer Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose, and couldn’t stop gushing "Merci, merci."

London-born Daniel Day Lewis, took home a trophy for his electrifying performance in There Will Be Blood.

British actress Tilda Swinton played opposite George Clooney in Michael Clayton and was named best supporting actress

From Spain, Javier Bardem, got best supporting actor for his killer role in No Country for Old Men.

But don’t feel bad for the performers who did not win, because Distinctive Assets has continued its tradition of sending condolences to non-winning Oscar nominees in the major categories, in the form of a bountiful Gift Basket.

The day after the awards telecast, on Monday morning, the “Everybody Wins at the Oscars” gift basket went out to George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Tommy Lee Jones and Viggo Mortensen. Also Ellen Page of Juno fame, Cate Blanchette, Julie Christie and Laura Linney. Plus the nominees in the Best Supporting Actor/Actress and Best Directing categories.

Hollywood has seen its share of ups and downs over the past few months, but it doesn’t tarnish the fact that the Academy Awards celebrate the actors and actresses who have graced the big screen and entertained audiences around the world.

“In our eyes, they are all winners,” reported a representative from Distinctive Assets. “And we are excited to present them with an abundant assortment of gifts that will hopefully lift their spirits.”

In response to the ever changing climate of Hollywood, the celebrity gifting firm opted for a tastefully understated gift basket this year. It sacrificed the previous trend towards over-the-top opulence, in favor of fun, functional and relaxation gifts to enjoy.

And since everyone is fascinated with the goodie bags that the stars get, it’s with great pleasure that we can reveal what the nominees are receiving.

This year’s gifts include items from companies such as Revaleskin, Heineken, Varsity Couture, Maxtor, Jimmyland DevaConcepts, Hour Glass Studio, Tozzi, Kara Mia, Suzy Birstein, Inner Balance, RoamEO, Pet Glitter, Politeed, Havaianas, ToeMates, and Be! Products.

Gothic Dog, Om Aroma & Co., Kirstie Kelly, Magical Voice Productions, On Tray, London Sole, NutriFit, La Costa Resort & spa, Naturescast, Jolan, Jessie New World Beauty, Kim VO Enterprises, Hollywood Cook Book, and Scene it? on Xbox 360.

The Escapes Group, Poo-pourri, Zildjian, 9 Manning Square, Natures Cast, Sprayology, Fundora Dental Corp., Foxers, Buzzen, Maxtor, Interiuers, The Loved Dog, Ritmo Mvndo, Madison Ave Candles, and Unite Hairspray.

Grand Dawson Collections, Piedmont Distillers, Sanani Coffee Company, O Hotel & Pacific Coast Transportation, isABelt Ltd., Better Bacon, Angelprints Jewelry, Thomas Chase, and glotosleep us, were among the many goodies.

The gift bag has no affiliation with the Academy Awards. It’s just a nice promotional activity that Distinctive Assets does for their clients, with hopes to make some very special Hollywood luminaries happy. Some of the actors and actresses donate or raffle off their goodies for their favorite charities. So, once again, it comes back to the theme of the gift baskets– “Everybody Wins at the Oscars!”

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