Fashion Trends, Head To Toe

Who is The Best Dressed Hot Young Star? Hannah Montana’s Mikey Cyrus Leads The Pack



Miley Cyrus

If you want to know what are the latest trends, don’t look on the fashion runways. Instead look at what the stars are wearing on the red carpets in Hollywood.

The hot young celebrities are the trend setters, with teenagers around the world copying their style. And the current teen queen, Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus is a great role model for her fashion-forward fans.

Miley, who just celebrated her 15th birthday on Nov. 23, is definitely not into a trashy wild-child look. Yet she can pull off the rock star persona of her alter-ego Hannah Montana and wear an edgy ensemble that kids would consider way-cool, without making their moms go ballistic.

“I’m not locked into one look. I wear what reflects my mood. I have a little bit of everything,” she says about what’s in her closet.  She is happy to be seen going casual in cargo pants, tank tops and a hoodie at a party. And the next day show off her chic side with an elegant red mini-dress and sparkling killer high heels, as she did at the recent American Music Awards.

Comfort is important to her, Miley says, that’s why she likes baby-doll blouses with jeans, and tunic tops with leggings when she’s just hanging out with her friends. She likes glitzy fabrics in bright colors and bold prints for girlie outfits.

Miley has a wonderful sense of what it takes to grab the spotlight when she goes glamorous at big events such as this year’s Teen Choice Awards. That’s where I caught up with her, and watched as she shopped around the Backstage Creations celebrity retreat for fashions and accessories.


Monique Coleman

A big hit with Miley, and many other trend-setting stars, was Warmbat Australia. Warmbat manufactures the fastest growing brand of sheepskin boots. They are Uggs-like footwear only more stylish and ultra-comfy according to both Miley and her mom. They were so excited about Warmbat boots, they ordered pairs for the whole family. Luckily Australia’s best selling brand is now available in the US, for everyone who who likes cozy comfort.

Who else has an eye for casual style?

Also seen shopping around backstage at the Teen Choice Awards were the Jonas Brothers (Nick, Joe and Kevin) who are currently performing with Miley on the “Best of Both Worlds” concert tour. The great looking Southpole street-wear brand left an impression with the guys who liked the hoodies. Those styles have been part of the current promotional campaign featuring super-singer Mario and America’s Next Top Model finalist Eugena– folks who know how to look cool and classy.

High School Musical star Monique Coleman got Southpole’s comfy cream and metallic tracksuit. She commented on how soft the fabric was and how it was perfect for traveling. Her HSM co-star Lucus Grabeel went for a brown and tan striped hoodie. Hairspray’s little dynamo Nikki Blonsky was also a fan of Southpole’s trendy hoodies. Great for casual comfort.



Nikki Blonsky

For stars who don’t like to hide their hairdos under a hood, there’s CHI ® a popular ceramic hairstyling iron, and BioSilk Therapy for hair that help create a fabulous look. HSM’s Vanessa Hudgens uses CHI’s famous flat iron. Sophia Bush (The Hitcher) and Megan Fox both report that it helps deal with frizzy hair. Jessica Alba is a self proclaimed fan of BioSilk for hair care.

That’s how the stars look great, from head to toe!







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