Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model: Boys vs. Girls adds new words to drama

Tyra Banks, photo by Margie Barron

Tyra Banks, photo by Margie Barron

The latest season of America’s Next Top Model has creator and style icon Tyra Banks excited about mixing boys with the girls, and teaching both sexes about “using what yo mama gave you!”

“If you want great drama, tune in,” Tyra said after she strutted down the red carpet at the CBS-CW- Showtime Summer Stars Party. She was there to promote the landmark Cycle 20 edition of her CW network hit America’s Next Top Model. Although the reality competition show is not really scripted, she stressed that “there’s so much drama that goes on when we have the guys competing against the girl models, working together and living in the same house. The competition is fierce.”

It’s a great idea to add the guys to the mix of models vying to launch a career in the world of high fashion. And she has proven to be a great mentor for the male models too. “Just like the girls, the guys have to respect themselves, respect their bodies, and respect the business. Because you have to learn the business.”

She also helped the models learn a few new words.  Tyra says, “I tell the boys they have to ‘work it’ and use ‘what yo mama gave you’  just like the girls. I teach them to ‘smize,’ smile with their eyes. For great photo shoots the girls ‘tooch,’ that’s making their bootie pop out a little more. The boys’ manly version of that is ‘booch.’ And I emphasize to all of them to be ‘flawsome.’ That’s being yourself and taking your flaws and turning that into being awesome.” Add that to your Top Model vocabulary! #

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