L.A. Fashion Weekend

L.A. Fashion Weekend

White Trash Beautiful Spring Line Rocks L.A. Fashion Weekend


It was pure rock-star panache that grabbed the spotlight the final night of L.A. Fasion Weekend. The White Trash Beautiful spring line was presented, with WTB contemporary styles from designer-musician Nikki Lund teaming with rocker Richie Sambora.

The White Trash Beautiful spring line

The show was extra special for the Bon Jovi guitarist, since his darling daughter Ava Sambora was featured among the models on the runway. Always super-sweet, Heather Locklear was there to support her daughter and her ex.

Ava Sambora & Heather Locklear

Also in the cheering crowd were Christina Milian, Bridget Marquardt, Natasha Henstridge, and Tatyana Ali among other celebrity-fashionistas. At the personal invitation of designer Nikki Lund, Tatyana attended and wore a rocking ensemble by White Trash Beautiful.


L.A. Fashion Weekend was a three day runway extravaganza, held at Sunset Gower Studios. It was in the heart of Hollywood, but instead of featuring movie stars at the studio, fresh and seasoned stars of the fashion world were getting the spotlight.

A lot of glamour and rocker-chic stuff was seen on the runway, but it was very apparent that more eco-friendly designs were in vogue. The Green Initiative Humanitarian Fashion Show was extraordinary. The show featured “green” labels with fabulous designs. Kristinit lived up to its mission of “letting the beauty we love be what we wear.”


Also the Jonano organic clothing line was awesome with easy-breezy natural gems. Keokjay handcrafted clothes help the women who make them, and Emily Factor’s vibrant pieces provided a touch of eco-sophistication.

Jonano organic clothing line

The collections gave a nod to a sustainable living mantra. Funds were raised at the event to help the Green Youth Movement. GYM’s president Chloe Mills gave an inspiring speech at the beginning of the show about living green and creating an educated younger generation that will become advocates for the environment.

Chloe Mills

When I asked Chloe where her inspiration came from, she said her mother, Donna Mills (of Knots Landing fame), has been a great role model, who has always made environmentally-conscious lifestyle choices. “I learned by her example,” explained 16-year-old Chloe.

On opening night the spotlight was on swimwear, and Teeki, showed off the eco-friendly brand made with recycled materials, which brought cheers from the crowd.

Also getting cheers was the powerful performance of “Zipper” by Christina Milian, who also debuted her line of sunglasses. The sexy singer really heated up the place, which was great for the evening of seeing bikini clad models. They were showing off A.Che’s stunning styles and Aussie-inspired Kooey beachwear.


All weekend the presentations had something to brag about. Some of the great brands featured were from Joy Rich Los Angeles, Balthaczar and JL Marks.

The main theme that set this L.A. showcase of Spring designs apart from the recent New York and Paris fashion weeks was that the L.A. Fashion Weekend shows were consumer oriented. Mikey Koffman, the dynamic founder of L.A. Fashion Weekend, reported, “Whatever you see on the runways here, you will be able to go out and see them in retail stores. You can buy them, and wear them, because they fit your lifestyle.” That’s different from the high fashion seen in New York, Paris and Milan– ultra-creative, but not wearable in the real world.

Mikey Koffman

What rocks the fashion world? East coast stylist Mary Lou Krewson flew in for the event and told me, “Style watchers can look to these designers for the chic new trends that will spread from coast to coast. Spring will see more girly-girly whimsical designs as well as casual styles with a conscience. L.A. is a leader in this area.”

There was also high praise for the mini-boutiques that were set up at the event, which displayed very inspired and spiritual jewelry from Wishcraft by Joanna Settoo. Others featured were Morning Glory, and the Mia Milano Collection. And every night there was a fabulous after party held at Crustacean Beverly Hills.

The eco-friendly car the Volt, was among the sponsors of the show, offering a test drive to all the fashion mavens.

And the fashion weekend ran smoothly thanks to producer Mikey Koffman and her company The Gallery Los Angeles. They gave the fashion world a great new showcase for quality designers. And it was so L.A.

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