Here's a story I tell every Christmas and even sometimes in mid-year!  I put on my Santa Claus hat with the flashing lights in the white fur trim, and the fact that I have a white beard helps, of course.  I use my tiny jingle bell to tell the story by jingling it wherever you see "jingle, jingle."  If I can do it, you can too.  All you need is a Santa Claus hat and a tiny jingle bell on a paper clip.  Here goes:

Once upon a time, there was a little store that sold nothing but jingle bells at Christmas time.  Their jingle bells came in all sizes.  Some were as big as a grapefruit, clear down to a few that were no bigger than the size of a pea!

There were big loud ones that went "jingle, jingle" medium ones that went "jingle, jingle," and the littlest one that only went "jingle, jingle” when you shook him.

As Christmas drew near, people bought many, many jingle bells.  But whenever they shook The Littlest Jingle Bell and heard him go "jingle, jingle," they would say, "No thanks, I'm afraid that's too small!"

On Christmas Eve, all the bells had been sold except for the littlest one.  It was very sad, because it had hoped so much that somebody would buy it and take it home for Christmas.  It was running out of time!

All of a sudden, one last customer walked in.  It was Santa Claus himself!  "A jingle bell has fallen off my sleigh," he bellowed.  "It came right off Rudolph's harness.  Can you sell me one?"

"I'm truly sorry," said the owner, "but all of mine are sold—except for this littlest jingle bell you can hardly hear!"

"Well," said Santa, "I certainly don't want one that would wake up the children when I land on their rooftops; maybe this one is just right for me!"

So he picked up The Littlest Jingle Bell, and when he heard it go "jingle, jingle!" in its merriest way, Santa turned to the owner and said, "You're right.  It's too small!"

The Littlest Jingle Bell by Ormly Gumfudgin has been recently extended into a full-length, fully-illustrated book that the entire family will enjoy.  More information available at: www.gumfudgin.com .