“Game Night” For a Post-Valentine’s Day Date

We have been pulling out board games for years, and “Settlers of Catan” is the current choice. But the occasional murder mystery party livens things up, so we were looking forward ... Continue Reading →

Black Panther Hits on All Cylinders

The Marvel Universe is stocked with superheroes, and the company has a long term battle plan to roll out their standalone adventures, peppered with periodic ensemble gatherings. “Black ... Continue Reading →

Clint Eastwood’s Latest Film “The 15:17 to Paris” Casts the Actual Heroes

Clint Eastwood is not afraid of change, even in the twilight of a tremendously successful career. He evolved from a TV cowboy to the film cowboy with no name in a series of ‘spaghetti ... Continue Reading →

Awards Season Diverse Celeb Gifting at Secret Room Events

Diversity was in the spotlight at the 88th Academy Awards, with host Chris Rock going overboard flooding the show with waves of sharp humor on the targeted issue. But no one could ... Continue Reading →

Oscar-nominated Bryan Cranston already a winner

Before the Oscars were handed out at the 88th Academy Awards, Bryan Cranston was already a winner. Cranston had his first Academy Award nomination this year for playing the title role ... Continue Reading →

Spotlight – The Case for The Opposite of Clickbait

It spoils nothing to say that the last word uttered in the film is the title, representing the name of the investigative reporter team at the Boston Globe. In steady, methodical and ... Continue Reading →

Joby Action Jib Kit – For Every Steven Spielberg

The gap continues to narrow between what professional filmmakers use and what the prosumer uses. In fact, the ubiquity of social media and the apparent need to express one’s inner ... Continue Reading →

LUCASFILM & ILM Launch ILMxLAB to Develop Immersive Computer Animated Entertainment

By David Riess   Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and parent company Lucasfilm, Ltd. have announced the formation of ILM Experience Lab (ILMxLAB), a new division that will draw ... Continue Reading →