“The Way I See It” by Melissa Anderson

The Way I See It, book by Little House star Melissa Anderson Melissa Anderson looks back on her life on Little House on the Prairie Many remember Melissa Anderson as “the ... Continue Reading →

“Broken” by J. Matthew Nespoli

Broken A novel by J. Matthew Nespoli   The Great Los Angeles Novel, much like the Great American Novel, is certainly its own subgenre, and every aspiring author ... Continue Reading →

Mary Oliver: Live at Royce Hall

Mary Oliver: Live at Royce Hall   Mary Oliver, winner of both the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, was back in Los Angeles after five long, barren years, ... Continue Reading →

The Procession of Mollusks

The Procession of Mollusks by Eric E. OIson (Astrophil Press) Eric E. Olson’s novel The Procession of Mollusks begins with a quote from Ween’s The Mollusk. For those ... Continue Reading →

Summer In SoCal With Books And CDs…

Summer In SoCal With Books And CDs In Surf City   I know it is summer by the usual indicators: the kids are out of school and the glorious free Santa Monica summer concerts ... Continue Reading →

Book Expo America

Book Expo America: My Friends And Associates   You can learn about a person by what that person does and what that person says. But you can also learn a lot about a journalist ... Continue Reading →

“Booking” The Weekend For The Big Lit Event

Booking The Weekend For Our Biggest Literary Event     Visting the country’s biggest book fair, the L.A. Times Festival of Books at UCLA, is like one’s attitude ... Continue Reading →


MORE THAN FAIR — FESTIVAL OF BOOKS If one needs a welcoming indication of Spring, other than pretty nature photos on one’s calendar or the insane, chattering mockingbirds ... Continue Reading →