FUTURE PERFECT: The Case For Progress in a Networked Age, by Steven Johnson

The first book I read by Johnson (“Everything Bad for You is Good”) turned my head 180 degrees about everything from video games to TV.  The next book I read by him (“Where Good ... Continue Reading →

BRIGHT LIGHTS, NO CITY: An African Adventure on Bad Roads With a Brother and a Very Weird Business Plan, by Max Alexander

This book tells the amusing tale of two brothers who venture to one of the poorest countries on the planet in an effort to apply some Yankee entrepreneurship to a crippling problem. ... Continue Reading →

“Fall Hard”

Fall Hard Rough hewn and about as well lived in a book as you’re ever going to read, Tanya Schroeder’s aptly described ‘surf memoir’ Fall Hard is an inspiring, self-published ... Continue Reading →

Raquel Welch, author of “Beyond The Cleavage”

Raquel Welch, author of Beyond The Cleavage Author at age 69, Raquel Welch still a legendary sex symbol Raquel Welch became a legendary sex symbol back in the ’60s, ... Continue Reading →

“The Way I See It” by Melissa Anderson

The Way I See It, book by Little House star Melissa Anderson Melissa Anderson looks back on her life on Little House on the Prairie Many remember Melissa Anderson as “the ... Continue Reading →

“Broken” by J. Matthew Nespoli

Broken A novel by J. Matthew Nespoli   The Great Los Angeles Novel, much like the Great American Novel, is certainly its own subgenre, and every aspiring author ... Continue Reading →

Mary Oliver: Live at Royce Hall

Mary Oliver: Live at Royce Hall   Mary Oliver, winner of both the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, was back in Los Angeles after five long, barren years, ... Continue Reading →

The Procession of Mollusks

The Procession of Mollusks by Eric E. OIson (Astrophil Press) Eric E. Olson’s novel The Procession of Mollusks begins with a quote from Ween’s The Mollusk. For those ... Continue Reading →