How to Describe Bruce Munro: Field of Light at Sensorio?

Christo piqued interest in semi-inexplicable yet wondrous art projects. Acres of umbrellas in the desert east of Los Angeles, wrapping the Reichstag in Berlin, etc. How to describe ... Continue Reading →

Brian Eno: 70 Million Ideas

Brian Eno: 70 Million Ideas Brian Eno is one of the more intriguing folks inhabiting our cultural landscape.  His early work as a keyboardist for the glam rocking Roxy Music ... Continue Reading →


Klapper Gallery presents "Michelangelo's Slaves" by Dr. Robert Klapper The press release states “Dr. Robert Klapper's debut exhibit at his 2-year old Klapper ... Continue Reading →


Backscatter. Create: Fixate’s Annual All Photography Show   There should have been more beanbags. If I have to say anything negative about Backscatter this last Saturday ... Continue Reading →


It's Beater-Lickin' Good It has long been my personal belief that ambience is the most important component involved in inspiring creativity.  A variety of factors come ... Continue Reading →