The Cheetah Girls One World

The Cheetah Girls One World
The Cheetah Girls Film in India and Rock Bollywood



Just for the time being, forget about Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Bros., and all the other wonderful young stars, and let the Cheetah Girls take a bow.

Why? Simply because they are so fabulous and work so hard to entertain on the world stage.

Their latest movie The Cheetah Girls One World (Aug. 22 premier on the Disney Channel), a musical romantic adventure, was filmed in exotic India, which the girls– Sabrina Bryan, Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams– said was “great, awesome, spectacular!”

The best part of the experience, “was being there together,” Sabrina gushed. “It’s just incredible when you get to travel to far away places and share the experience with your two best friends.”

Adrienne reported “We got to see Mumbia, which was an amazing experience. It’s like the third noisiest city in the world, but it was great for shopping. We saw gorgeous fabrics and gold jewelry at the market place. I now have tons of bangles. Another awesome place was the City Light Palace.”

Sabrina recalled feeling like a princess being in Dharampur, “Where we actually got to stay in a prince’s palace. We filmed a dance number at the Monsoon Places, which is on top of this huge hill. When we got there, the sun was just rising, and we could see all of Udaipur. Every moment I would see something incredible and I would just appreciate that we got the opportunity to go to India.”

Kiely loved how everything was so colorful, especially the clothing the women wore. “That was really cool. We got to wear authentic Indian saris, and learned the Bollywood style of dancing for the big musical numbers.”

The girls loved to walk along the streets, “and after awhile we actually felt like we lived here,” Kiely said. She even admitted to crashing several weddings. “Once we saw the groom come out on a white horse. It was really romantic.”

Another big thing that made the girls happy was that almost everyone they met in India spoke English, which made filming with the local crews much easier.

The trio of talented girls laughingly recalled struggling to learn a classical Indian dance, which features unique moves. Even Sabrina, who proved she had a knack for learning different dances when she competed on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, labored to adjust to the Bollywood style.

“It was pretty cool to have it all come together, and we hope that kids in America will see this great choreography and want to learn more about different cultures,” Sabrina said. “We all love dancing to Indian music now. I hope our audience will too.”

There was only one disappointment for the Cheetah Girls on their whirlwind film shoot in India. “We never got to see the beautiful Taj Mahal, one of the most famous and romantic places in world. But we did see a video of it when we got home,” Sabrina laughed.

That will have to do for now, until the Cheetah Girls take off for another exciting adventure. Their first movie filmed in New York; the second in Spain; the third in India. What’s next on their wish list? Kiely revealed, “We have a dream of an Asian theme. The Cheetah Girls in China, with Shanghai nights full of songs and dance.

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