The excitement could barely be contained on stage 46 during the grab and gab interviews after taping Dancing With The Stars. It was the results show for the final four teams, leading up to the last dance-off and the grand finale airing on ABC, Nov. 26, with the winner announced Nov. 27.

From Scary Spice Mel B, to speed-racer Helio Castroneves, to Marie Osmond, and even the eliminated Jennie Garth– everyone was heard gushing their amazement about making it into the finals, and proclaiming they had already won.

Garth had no regrets when she and her professional dance partner Derek Hough were voted out. The former What I Like About You and 90210 star said, “I never expected to get this far, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve surprised myself with what I’ve been able to do. And I’ve made my daughters proud.” She even mentioned that she might enroll her three girls in dance classes “if they want to. It’s a great place to learn poise and confidence.”

No one would agree more than Marie Osmond, who has become the poster-girl for the “can-do” spirit needed to dazzle the judges with her entertaining routines with partner Jonathan Roberts.

At 48, Marie is a favorite with all demographics in the viewing audience. She has served as an inspiration as millions have seen her faint after an exhausting dance number, and then bounce back up flashing her mega-watt smile. She has also had to cope with the death of her father during the competition. Also some personal problems have surfaced, showing that the newly divorced single mom's efforts as a performer are nothing compared to her struggles off the dance floor.

The beautiful mother of eight (!) told me, “I consider my children my greatest personal accomplishment. I’m dedicated to my kids. I love them.”

What about her greatest professional accomplishment? “Oh, it’s this show. Dancing With The Stars has been so exciting and rewarding, knowing how many fans are out there voting. They send me messages saying ‘I’m your age, and after seeing what you’ve done, I know I can do anything.’ The response from the fans has touched my heart more than anything. It’s been a tough time for me, and I can’t thank them enough for their support. I’m already a winner because of them.”


Racing towards the winner’s circle, Helio Castroneves and his partner the perky Julianne Hough have shown tremendous style in their bouncy routines. Helio admitted when joined the competition, “my only goal was not to be the first one eliminated. Now I’m so in shock and happy, it’s crazy. Now I want this so bad I can taste it.”

Although some say they are the favorite to win, Spice Girl Mel B and her dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy have the added pressure to top the unbelievable sexy and powerful numbers that they’ve done previously. But as their crowd-pleasing routines have already proven, they are up to the task.

The future looks great for another couple of stars who proved to be great competitors on the dance show.

Sabrina Bryan was already a hit with ‘tweens and teens who loved her as one of the Cheetah Girls in the Disney Channel’s movie musical franchise. But now her fans span the generations thanks to her graceful and athletic moves on the dance floor. Sabrina, 23, said she’s looking forward to going on the Dancing With The Stars concert tour with her partner and friend Mark Ballas.

Las Vegas legend and former dance competitor, Wayne Newton is also going to join the Dancing With The Stars road show. After having a health scare, diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, Wayne, 65, reported he’s now fit as a fiddle and ready to show he still has a lot of good moves left– after he was told to hang up his dance shoes early on during the latest and greatest edition of Dancing with the Stars.

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