‘Saved By The Bell’ new high school dream team series on Peacock

 Saved By The Bell has a new class that is ringing in the good times for the next generation. It’s silly, fun, and sort of a nostalgic touch of “normal” high school life in these crazy times.

 The reboot of the iconic NBC Saturday morning show, which was a big hit back in the early 1990s, offers a dose of reality of what kids have to deal with in 2020. A new cast of classmates are mixed with stars from the old, much-loved series, including Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Mario Lopez reprising their roles as brainy Jessie Spano (now a school counselor), and jock A.C. Slater, now a gym teacher/football coach at Bayside High. There are 10 pretty cool episodes of the new series on Peacock, the NBCUniversal streaming service.

The premise has Bayside High School with a mix of students from working-class and privileged backgrounds sparked by California Governor, and Bayside alumnus, Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar in recurring role).

 Prior to the show’s debut on November 25, 2020, a Zoom interview session for journalists from the Television Critics Association was held with the stars and creative team for Saved By The Bell.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren explained that the original show is “such a beloved part of people’s lives and a certain touch point to when things were more simple and happier. And even with the new kind of let’s say edge, and all of that, there’s heart at the core of everything still, which is something that people also loved about it. It is the human connection, relationships, dynamics that really were at the heart of all the hijinks and everything. We still maintain that heart with all of the humor. So it can bridge both the people that were nostalgic and then the new generation. Tracey Wigfield (executive producer
) beautifully created this where it can bridge new teens that will be falling in love with these guys (the new cast). They’re so amazing, I can’t say it enough. And then also the people who are nostalgic, they will get fed all those little gems that they’re looking for even in the most subtle ways. There are often things that I do even in wardrobe, of things that are just a little wink, a little nod for a longtime fan.”

Tune in Saved By The Bell, 10 episodes now streaming on Peacock.



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