Palmer Davis has written, produced and stars in her one-woman show, Suburban Showgirl at Theater Unlimited from October 12 – November 17. Playing the part of all twenty-eight characters, Palmer takes her audience on a journey in which she describes, exhibits and visually dances her way into your heart while depicting her brief thirty-nine years of existence.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with this lovely lady.  We discussed her motivation in creating this show. Her responses to my questions can be found below:

Q.  How long have you been dancing?

A.  When I was seven years old, I enrolled in the Royal academy of Dance in San Diego. I moved into tap and jazz as a teenager. Along with my dancing, I've always been interested in sports – especially track and volley ball. The original impetus to dance, for me, was when I saw a neighborhood girl wearing a beautiful dance outfit. I wanted to emulate her. Now, my daughter's following me in this regard.

Q.  Tell me a few details you'd like your audience to know about you.

A.  I'm married with two children. And, while I love them dearly, I also have a love for the dance. Dance is not only a physical commitment, but a mental one, as well. I've learned to pursue dance as my passion which has been given me as a gift. In the show, I play all twenty-eight parts where I will attempt to show how I overcame my fears as both a singer and dancer. This will be my most ambitious feat in my life!

Q.  What are you trying to say in Suburban Showgirl?

A.  I am trying to find the passion I have and feel for dancing. Finding one's dream is hard. My show is about the life's lessons through dance – the mental, emotional and social lessons. For me, there's never a wish better than this when you only have one hundred years to live!

Q.  Tell me some of your thoughts going through your mind while you're dancing.

A.  I should have warmed up more.  I want my dance pieces to tell a story and I'm hoping I'm telling the story so that my audience is understanding it. I do try to stay in the moment. I'm so at home when I'm moving and I feel very free!

Q.  What regimen do you have to follow to keep your body firm and lithe?

A.  I take dance classes three times a week. I do aerobics three times a week. and I'm on the stairmaster constantly. I'm teaching yoga one or two classes a week. and between all that, there's my pilates class also. When I decide to do something, I do it!

Q. Who are some of your personal favorites in the dance world?

A.  I especially love and admire Cyd Charisse. I've included one of her numbers in the show. I admire Gwen Verdon for her jazz and athleticism. And Sylvie Guyen is also one of my favorites.

Q.  How did you plan and arrange Suburban Showgirl?

A.  I was at the gym with Richard Klein. He suggested I write about an event in my life and censor nothing! I began writing two years ago and to sum it up, I'd say Suburban Showgirl was written during the life of a working suburban mother, doing her chores: taking the kids to school, bringing them home, cooking, taking care of the house, being a wife, mother and person!

Q. Where and with whom have you danced?

A.  Mostly, I'm a commercial free-lance dancer. I've appeared on the TV Movies of the Week in Mrs. Santa Clause and Cinderella. I worked with Tommy Tune in The Will Roger's Follies. I've appeared in the movie, Rent. And I've danced in five operas, including the Merry Widow and La Rondine.

Q.  What should we look for and observe while watching Suburban Showgirl?

A.   I want my audience to come away from the show inspired. I want them to discover things that make them happy in their own lives. We, all of us, have the freedom to pursue our own dreams and passions – those little voices in our head – that urge us to realize our hopes and dreams. This show is the fulfillment of my hopes and passions. I hope my audience will help make their dreams come true!

Suburban Showgirl – Theatre Unlimited, 10943 Camarillo Street, North Hollywood CA 91602    Tel. 323-960-7780 – Plays Fridays @ 8:00 p.m.; Saturdays @ 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Tickets: $25 Through Nov. 17