Production Update: “Victoria,” the majestic Masterpiece series on PBS

Victoria is another exquisite production for the Masterpiece series (which presented Downton Abbey) on PBS. It is the story of Queen Victoria who was 18 when she was crowned in ... Continue Reading →

Downton Abbey buck ups and says a bittersweet goodbye

  Buck up, the end is in sight for Downton Abbey! So the cast came together to express their bittersweet feelings about the last season of the phenomenal Masterpiece series. ... Continue Reading →

Keanu Reeves’ Side By Side docu explores film and digital productions

Keanu Reeves is an actor, producer and director. But he’s latest job is as host (and co-producer) of the documentary Side By Side: The Science, Art, and Impact of Digital Cinema, ... Continue Reading →

PBS: Sherlock is back on Masterpiece Mystery

Sherlock is back on Masterpiece Mystery Hot and modern Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson a hit on PBS Move over Robert Downey Jr. The snarky big screen superhero may have a couple of blockbusters ... Continue Reading →