Anna Nicole Smith died on February 8th of as-yet unknown causes of physical collapse and fatigue at the age of 39.

Born Vickie Lynn Hogan, the blonde bombshell known for her epic architectural proportions and fascination with the life and work of Marilyn Monroe was a Playboy playmate, actress in numerous films, and star of her own reality show The Anna Nicole Show.  She was also the spokesmodel for weight-loss promising Trimpsa.


Fraught with controversy, her tempestuous life in the limelight began when she became the wife of oil magnate J. Howard Marshall II.  Marshall, 62 years Anna Nicole’s senior, met the actress as she performed at a topless club in Houston.  Then already once married and a mother, Anna Nicole was brought under the wing of Marshall, who afforded her a life of luxury that led her to begin to model and act in films such as The Hudsucker Proxy and, most notably, Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (for which she won 1995’s Razzie Award for Worst New Star).

Soon after, Anna Nicole acted in a handful of straight-to-cable erotic thrillers such as To the Limit and Skyscraper.  Having modeled since she was 20, Anna Nicole became the Playboy Playmate of the Month in May of 1992, then Playmate of the Year in 1993.  It was after her first pictorial in Playboy that, supposedly, Guess? Jeans designer Paul Marciano made his infamous, “Who is that girl?” inquiry and hired Anna Nicole to be a Guess? model on the spot, no questions asked. 

Mired in legal affairs with Marshall’s family over pecuniary stipulations subsequent to Marshall’s death in 1995, Anna Nicole’s life took a turn for the worst, and the tough times seemed to overtake her personal and public lives.

On her image in the eyes of the public, Anna Nicole Smith was once quoted as saying, “For some reason, people think I am this terrible person, and it really hurts me to hear that.  I am just doing the best I know how to.”