Oscar Party 2000 at The Hollywood Museum

As usual, I am the first journalist to announce that the Oscar viewing Party 2000 will be held at the legendary Hollywood Museum. We have attended this SRO soiree for the past 4 years, & anxiously await #5.

Legendary Mamie Van Doren (Photo credit – Edward Lozzi)

This fantastic fun event is where Academy members watch the Oscars over dinner, then join the nominees at the after-party. And, best of all, you may have the opportunity to be a guest. That’s right folks. A limited number of seats are available for $1.000 & will benefit the Jose Iturbi Foundation. Roger Neal & his beautiful wife, Lynne, and their partners Marianne & Thomas Lei host this event on Oscar Night, February 9th, and you will have the opportunity of mixing with such celebs as Eric Roberts, Star Trek Barbara Luna, Mary Wilson (Supremes). James Darren, & The Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno — to name a few. PR Pro Edward Lozzi sent me a 2 page list of confirmed celebs — but there may be a few seats still available.

Nancy O Dell (Photo credit – Entertainment Tonight)

I am most excited about the Icon Awards – particularly the one given to our pal, Mamie Van Doren. Not only is she still gorgeous, — but one of the nicest gals in town. Also honored is TV Anchor Nancy O’Dell, who we had the pleasure of working with on ET

We understand that Eileen Bradley of E Entertainment is talent coordinator — so make room for a truckload of top celebs.

This is the classiest and most exciting way to view the Oscars, and we hope to see you there. For ticket info — please call 323-366-2796.

Hollywood Museum Night Time Neon Sign (Photo credit – Edward Lozzi)

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