Taste for a Cure & Mac Comes to 40 Karets

The glorious ballroom of our Beverly Wilshire Hotel was transformed into an Asian Paradise when UCLA Johnson Cancer Center Foundation held their annual “Taste for a Cure”. The event honored Sandra Stern, President of Lionsgate Television Group, who has helped the company’s business to record-breaking growth. This extraordinary woman is noted for her charitable endeavors including The Saban Clinic, Center Theatre Group, and the Rape Treatment Center & was honored for her commitment to help end this dread disease.

Soledad O’Brien Host for Taste for a Cure (Photo Credit: Trisha Davis)

Taste for a Cure unites the culinary & entertainment community & is one of the top ten events in LA. The delicious array of Asian food was curated by Helene An, Crustacean, Hinoki and the Bird (in Century City), Blackship & more. This year’s event also included wine, saki & Japanese beer & whiskey & a live auction that helped raise a huge amount for the cause. Do you know that over $13 million was raised over the past 24 years for high-priority cancer research at UCLA?

Ryan Teddeer (One Republic) evening performer (Photo Credit: Trisha Davis)

Host of the event was Broadcaster Soledad O’Brien, Anchor of “Matter of Fact with Soledad” and Ryan Tedder of One Republic had the house jumpin with his enthusiastic performance. Kudos to the Directors & Sponsors of this fantastic trip to Asian Paradise & a culinary experience we will never forget.

Sandra Stern – Honoree – Taste For a Cure (Photo Credit: Trisha Davis)

The 40 Karets — a social group of 30 Ladies has been in business for 40 years, and each month, the members gather for a special event. Last month at The Palm in BH, we were treated to a demonstration of make-up & skin care from MAC in Westwood Village. As we women know, Mac is the industry leader when it comes to new trends & the latest colors & formulas. Several of their artists, including Blas Link, who instructed us how to achieve a flawless application.

Blas Link, Jennifer Haverlation, Tristan Mello, Melissa Fuentes [Staff at Mac / Westwood] (Photo Credit: Larry Link)

Many of the women in 40 Karets are Century City residents including Ruth Flinkman Marandy, Elaine Weinstock, Barbara Winters & Lynn Ziman. The Club was organized by Ann Davis & yours truly, and we are proud of our years of service to the Westside community.

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