Singing sensation Emil has “Since You Left” on the charts

EMIL sings "Since You Left," photo by Margie Barron

There’s an emerging singing sensation who goes simply by the name Emil. He is a talented teen who can be compared to artists as varied as the super-hot Justin Bieber, Glee‘s Cory Monteith, or the teen idols from the past, such as Shaun Cassidy or the late Davy Jones of The Monkees fame.

Emil has a new CD and a song climbing the charts “Since You Left” that is reminiscent of all the pop idols who went before, yet he still offers a fresh style that stands out. That was made clear on his CD “All I Ever Knew,” which had ten outstanding cuts, including “Missing Child” which would influence his desire to help missing and exploited children.

In addition to having a great voice and a big heart, Emil looks like he’s just stepped off the set of a Disney Channel or Nickelodeon sitcom. Or even a handsome young fellow causing trouble for the girls on Pretty Little Liars. “But I don’t want to cause any touble for any one,” smiles the fun-loving singers with the easy going nature.

There are no TV plans for right now, because Emil has found a home on the concert stage singing, and just had a triumphant appearance at Hollywood’s legendary Whiskey club on the Sunset Strip, which launched many top artists. “I had a fantastic reception, with screaming girls and lots of agents checking out the wild scene that was created. Wow, I couldn’t have asked for anything more for my debut at the Whiskey.”

In his repertoire, Emil’s influences came from a variety of sources. He says, “I try to give listeners something to reflect on. I want them to use their imagination. There’s the teen angst pop style, but also a bit of rock, R&B and country influence. I like everyone from Lil’ Wayne to Kelly Clarkson. And I occasionally enjoy old school stuff from Bon Jovi and Led Zeplin.”

Among his current goals is to help the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. When Emil was in Nashville, he learned about the cause when he was recording the song “Missing Child.” Since then he has embraced the issue and has helped with fund-raising concerts.

Always a big hit with his young audience Emil is “grateful I’m getting a big takeoff from ‘Since You Left.’ It’s catching on with radio play and moving up the charts. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. Hopefully it will skyrocket up, because I’m having the time of my life.”

Positive things are happening for the 18-year-old from Castle Rock, Colorado, just south of Denver, and Emil invites his fans to interact with him at and sample him on YouTube.

Margie Barron has written for a wide variety of outlets including Gannett newspapers, Nickelodeon, Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine, Fresh!, Senior Life, Production Update, airline magazines, etc. Margie is also proud to have been half of the husband & wife writing team Frank & Margie Barron, who had written together for various entertainment and travel publications for more than 38 years.