Ed Begley Jr. is undoubtedly Hollywood’s best role model when it comes to the environment.  So it was no surprise that HGTV chose him and wife actress Rachelle Carson to star in the new eco-friendly series Living With Ed.  Premiering January 7th, the six-part reality show chronicles their daily activities and how they strive to preserve and protect their environment.

Best known for his dramatic roles in St. Elsewhere and Six Feet Under, plus his wacky roles in the last few Christopher Guest films, Begley has always been ahead of the pack as an outspoken environmentalist.  He got his first electric car in 1970 “for economic reasons as well as the environment,” he reveals. 

Decades later, he’s still concerned about emissions pollution and rides a bicycle around Los Angeles for short distances while his electrically-propelled auto recharges its battery.  Begley is passionate about recycling and “pre-cycling” (thinking ahead about disposing of the product or packaging before you buy it).  Plus, he saves and scrimps on every type thing (including shower water!), all ecologically aimed.

But, don’t think the new show is a dry tutorial on how to save the world.  Living With Ed shows the humor generated by his wife and young daughter dealing with Ed’s over-the top energy-saving ways.  Rachelle does her best to make their cozy solar energy-powered home look lovely while accommodating hubby’s ultra-green money-saving lifestyle, but she does admit “he can drive me crazy sometimes.”  And viewers will see amusing clashes in the household.

The family’s lifestyle is anything but the self-centered world of the typical Hollywood celebrities, but there is one thing Begley did insist on for the duration of the show.  The film crew was asked to use solar-powered cameras.  Even behind the scenes, Living With Ed also strives to save the world, making it a better place for you and me. 

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