A Star is Born

Gallons of ink has been spilled about the wisdom of green lighting a remake of a prior film. Here we are faced with the fourthversion of a film that captures the entertainment business ... Continue Reading →

Free Solo

In the past, clever marketing mavens would present pseudo-serious warnings to filmgoers about the hazards of watching a particular film. That tactic undoubtedly sold tickets. Here, ... Continue Reading →

Papillion, Revisited

The archives in Hollywood are bulging with remakes. Many consider remakes evidence of a dearth of creativity (“hey, what about this film? It worked pretty well before, we still have ... Continue Reading →

Juliet, Naked

It’s always good strategy to select a provocative film title, as cutting through the advertising clutter remains the prime directive. In this case, the marketing folks at Lionsgate ... Continue Reading →

Crazy Rich Asians

Singapore has been called many things. The two most memorable are “Disneyland With the Death Penalty” and “Asia for Beginners.” In “Crazy Rich Asians” folks are introduced ... Continue Reading →

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

When Tom Cruise negotiated for the rights to the vintage TV show, he was hopeful he’d be able to turn it into a franchise. Half a dozen installments into “Mission: Impossible” ... Continue Reading →

The Equalizer star Denzel Washington has first hit sequel, & Equalizer creator Michael Sloan has follow-up Equalizer novels

The Equalizer 2 topped the box-office for its opening weekend when Denzel Washington’s first sequel was an action-packed hit battling the jukebox musical sequel Mamma Mia 2. It ... Continue Reading →

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

The sequel to the excellent 2015 “Sicario” is a worthy follow up, even if it cannot match the bold moves made by its predecessor. Taylor Sheridan, who has made an impressive mark ... Continue Reading →